ONEHOPE was founded in 2007 by a group of passionate people just a few years out of college, with a public storage unit filled with 168 cases of wine. We called friends and family, knocked on doors, and always dreamt of having thousands of people join our movement and share our story. Wanting to build ONEHOPE into a household name, we made it our mission to rethink traditional strategies of advertising and marketing. We opted to invest into growing a community of storytellers who could bring the tasting room experience into the comfort of your living room. Our dream is now a reality viaONEHOPE. We are honored to provide thousands of people with the platform, tools, and opportunity to become their own CEO and make an income while they make an impact on the world and their community.

  • Robert Mondavi Jr.
    Robert Mondavi Jr. Winemaker
  • Tony Coltrin
    Tony Coltrin Winemaker
  • Amanda Lamberti
    Amanda Lamberti Director of Event Marketing
  • Stephane Luzy
    Stephane Luzy Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Weber
    Mike Weber Executive VP of Marketing
  • Melanie Wells
    Melanie Wells Graphic Designer
  • Matt Vincent
    Matt Vincent Creative Director
  • Matt Middlesworth
    Matt Middlesworth VP of Tech, Product & Engineering
  • Mackenzie Hawkins
    Mackenzie Hawkins UX Researcher & Designer
  • Lindley Carlin
    Lindley Carlin Director of Corporate Sales
  • Lauren Dailey
    Lauren Dailey Social Media & Content Manager
  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez Operations Manager
  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall Chief Brand Officer | Co-Founder
  • Blake Petty
    Blake Petty SVP Operations | Co-Founder
  • Allison Heisdorffer
    Allison Heisdorffer Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jackie U
    Jackie U Director of Marketing
  • Erin Markland
    Erin Markland Director of Marketing & Field Development
  • Jake Kloberdanz
    Jake Kloberdanz CEO, Founder | ONEHOPE
  • Katie Allen
    Katie Allen Vice President | viaONEHOPE
  • Tiffany Wojtkiewicz
    Tiffany Wojtkiewicz Chief Revenue Officer, Founder | ONEHOPE
  • Carmella Southward
    Carmella Southward Director of Digital Commerce
  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson Art Director
  • Andrea Klein
    Andrea Klein Director of Finance
  • Sabrina Goodman
    Sabrina Goodman Field Development & Training Manager
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